Clothing Difficulties

As you may or may not have notices, I'm a girl and as a girl, I love wearing skirts.
I mean, pants are alright, too, but I love being girly and cute.
I also have lots of skirts.
But the problem is I don't really have tops I can wear with the skirts. You see, this is actually a big problem, since I'm not able to wear my pretty skirts.

The thing is, I always see cute skirts in stores and then I decide to buy them, even though I know that I don't have anything to wear them with. This is kind of a bad habit of me. /sigh

I decided to give you a little peek into my closet, which is not really interesting at all usually, but I wanted to show you my favourite skirts and maybe you understand how sad I am that I can't wear them

But just today I ordered two knit sweaters at the H&M online store together with an adorable dress and I hope that they fit me and that I can wear them together with some of these skirts.

 Well...this is my closet... I don't have so many clothes actually...

And here you go:

The last one is actually pretty old already but it's selfmade from my grandmother and I think she did a fantastic job!

And the last one and the second one are the only ones I already wore... The other ones just hang in my closet and wait for the day I'll finally wear them. I wonder if this day may ever come since the first one is already really really tight around my waist haha. But I just can't bring myself to give it away or sell it since it's so lovely and I haven't been able to wear it yet.

I have to admit at this point that I'm also very bad at coordinating clothes.
If you have any tips for me just leave them in the comments, I'd appreciate to read them :')

You can also tell me about your bad habits, I'd love to hear about them!


    this one is lovely :)


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