What I should do and what I do instead

Hello there,

how are you doing? It's been a looong time since I last posted something on here (and I haven't really posted much either).

I'd love to say that many things happened but I guess I have to disappoint you.

One big thing happened, I graduated. Yaaay.
That was already two months ago. Damn, time flies!
Since that I didn't do anything productive, to be honest. I don't have a job (yet. I'm desperately looking for one. I NEED MOOONNEEEYYYY) and I don't have anything else to do, except practice three times a week.

I probably should read more. I've only read one book so far this year:

This is Haruki Murakami's latest book Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
(It's not yet released in English as far as I know, but it should be out in summer I guess. And I'm not sure if the title will stay this way)

It was the first Murakami I read (and only so far. boo!) and I was not disappointed.
It is about Tsukuru Tazaki, obviously, who used to have four friends in high school who all got colours in their surnames, just Tsukuru's name is colourless.
One day these four friends decided that Tsukuru is no longer one of their friends, without ever telling him why.
Now, many years later, he finally gathers the courage to find out the reason.

It is really interesting to find out more and more about Tsukuru's life and his friends, but at the same time, there are so many unsolved mysteries, what really bothered me to be honest haha. But it's still brilliant. Definitely worth the read!!

So this is the only book that made it to my "read"-shelf this year. My goodreads challenge is 15... I have to hurry a bit with reading...

What I'm currently reading (or what I should read instead of doing other stuff):

A Clash of Kings (second part of A Song of Ice and Fire or the Game of Thrones-series).
I started reading this like one year ago (march last year!!!!) and I'm still not finished.
I really really want to finish this so I can read the other books and then I could finally watch the tv-series.
It is an awesome book, really, but it is just SO long. And by long, I mean the chapters sometimes really dull but at the end of the chapter, they are amazing and there is tension etc. but then the next chapter is another POV-character and then it starts all over again.
There is just so much going on all the time, everywhere in Westeros and where Dany's story takes place.
But I still got some time to read this book and the other three until Winds of Winter will be released haha.

And please don't spoiler anything! I already got spoilered (and still get) everywhere on the internet. Boo!

This books is SO amazing.
It's also the first Neil Gaiman book I'm reading but it is so great! (I'm only half through but still)
If you once start quoting from The Ocean at the End of the Lane your're barely able to stop.
Seriously, everyone should read this. Especially if you're an adult and your life is full of "adulty stuff".

Just look at this gorgeous cover, and the story inside is even more gorgeous!
It's definitely worth it.

I'm definitely going to buy some other Neil Gaiman books (same goes for Murakami of course!)
.... as soon as I finished this... and all the other pretty books that are waiting in my shelf to be read...
Ugh. Too many!!!

I should probably stop writing here and read something but you know, I got other things to do.
And I'm not proud of these things (I am proud, but psst).
Like I said, I should be reading these beauties, but I'm doing something else lately.

I'm playing Pokemon. I already beat the Elite Four last year but I recently started to have a lot of fun with breeding and trading. (And online fighting too)
I really have no idea how to get legendary pokemon though. I mean yeah, trading, but how did these people get them?
So if you also got a 3DS please add me (I don't have many friends and therefore my friend-safari is really boring ;_; )
My friend code is 2938 - 6746 - 2614 and my name is Conny.  :3

The other game is Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright. I absolutely love the Ace Attorney games and I also really like Professor Layton so I HAD to get this game as soon as it was released! I'm not through yet, though. (Breeding pokemon is more important at the moment haha)

Also, I started watching Sex and the City and I already love it!!!!



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