Deep Breath

As you might guess, this post will be dedicated to Doctor Who
Doctor Who is one of my favourite TV series, maybe even my favourite of all (but I can't really choose just ONE haha). And today is finally THE day. CAPALDAY. The day of the new season. Season 8. Finally!!! 
Ever since Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor I was so excited, even before he was 'officially' announced I hoped he'd become the 12th. I think he fits perfectly and I am so excited for today's episode, to see him in action (in a full episode, the Christmas Special doesn't really count).

To be honest, I am also a little anxious for season 8. When I started watching Doctor Who I thought it was brilliant. I loved it almost at once and I love Nine but my favourite Doctor is Ten. The first four season were amazing and I loved it so much but then Ten regenerated and it was time for the eleventh Doctor. I like Matt Smith and his Doctor is cute and funny and definitely has its perks but the storyline got a bit lost, in my opinion.
Doctor Who always made me happy and I enjoyed watching it, but after the departure of Russel T. Davies and with Steven Moffat becoming showrunner, the season finals of season 5, 6 and even 7 all left me confused.

What the hell is all this Pandorica stuff about and what was that crack, what happened to it?
What was all that Demon's Run stuff about and why did it lead to the Doctor being killed?
And don't get me started on the Christmas Specia or the 50th. I have no idea why 90% of the things happened.

You see what I mean? Russel T. Davies had a good and not TOO COMPLICATED storyline. Everything was alright (well, it wasn't "alright" at all but that's not the point lol) when I finished a season and I understood why all those things happened and what led to what.
After Moffat's seasons I was just like "Umm...what? How? Why? .... Well, whatever, I'll just go on....".
And that really bothers me. Because I want to know and I want to understand but I just can't. I love all characters: Amy, Rory, River, and especially Clara. But what is the damn point of all those weird connections. Maybe I'm just not bright enough to understand but there's also the chance that Moffat is just trying TOO hard.
There is so much Moffat-Hate out there, I don't want to hate on him, but there really is a big difference to Russel T. Davies. Moffat had awesome episodes, he's a genius when it comes to horror (e.g. the Weeping Angels, the Silence, are you my mummy??? ) but his overall concept is not enough thought through.

Now I am excited about the new season. Mainly because of the new Doctor but also because maybe with a new Doctor, there will be a "new" Moffat? I can't tell. I just hope he doesn't screw this up, because I love Twelve already so much and I want season 8 to be good. To be Russel T. Davies-good. To be as it used to be.
Maybe it's useless to hope so, because it's still Moffat and he confused me for three seasons straight now but, well, hope is the last thing to die, right?

And I will rewatch the Christmas Special (and I will give my best to understand it) and then I will watch Deep Breath. aklsjdlkasjd FINALLY YAY.

They're just perrrfffffff. ♥♥♥

And now, have lots of fun watching Doctor Who today guys!! ONLY ONE HOUR LEFT!!!



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