Last year I was in London with my aunt and we decided to watch a play or a musical and then we watched

I've heard about Wicked before, they sang Defying Gravity in Glee and other people told me about the musical. And then I finally got to see it and it was sooo good!!!

Recently I discovered the soundtrack on Spotify and now I'm listening to it like 24/7. It is so perfect.
And I also started listening to other musical soundtracks, like How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (DanRad ♥) or Funny Girl (Barbra!!!!!111).
And I realized that there are so many musicals I must watch. Fortunately there are many movies of musicals but a musical live on stage is still something special.
I think The Rocky Horror Show is coming to Germany this year or next year, I'll definitely go watch it!
I really love musicals and their music, great singing and a great orchestra. That's what I love.

Here is my list of To-Watch musicals (mostly the movies but I wouldn't mind at all seeing them on stage haha.) :

  • Phantom of the Opera
  • West Side Story
  • Funny Girl
  • The Sound of Music
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Singing in the Rain
  • Oklahoma (I want to see the Hugh Jackman on-stage version though)
  • How to Succeed (the Daniel Radcliffe version)
  • Cabaret

These are the ones I can think of now. Yes, I know, I've never seen Rocky Horror nor Singing in the Rain and I feel ashamed and sad. But it just never happened, I don't know why. I promise to watch it asap though. 

What are your favourite musicals? Which one that's not on the list should I add?


PS: I also have to watch The Wizard of Oz (1939) ugh


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