Summer Bucket List

Do you have a Summer Bucket List? I do! But as you can see I still have to do a lot of things and there is not that much summer left anymore. /cries

At least the "World Cup Party" was a total success since Germany are World Champions now YAY.

But I am positive about doing some other things soon. I mean, almost everything is still possible. Except the Getting a Tan part.... That happens only when I get a really bad sunburn, which will eventually turn into a nice tan. The last time that happened was in 2009 and let me tell you, it's not a nice thing!!!! And I don't want to get skin cancer! (Seriously, always use sun blocker!! It's not worth the tan to get a melanoma!)

I love summer and I want to do as many things as possible of this list (and even more that didn't come to my mind) but I'm also already looking forward to autumn!
But for now, I just hope the weather will get better soon and summer still lasts for weeeeks!

Tell me what's on your Bucket List this summer!



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