Book Haul

I guess all of us have guilty pleasures and keep buying things they already have enough of, right?
Well, my guilty pleasure is books. I'm a pretty slow reader (so far I've read three books this year) but I love buying new books.
If you're interested in what I like to read you can check out my goodreads .

So a few weeks ago I actually finished A Clash of Kings (after like 1,5 years haha) and I immediately bought A Storm of Swords.
So this my first purchase and I wish it wouldn't take me another 1,5 years to read it but since it has about 1100 pages I doubt that I read it faster haha.

And here's what I bought last week:

This is the German version Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood. As I already said in this post I read Murakami's latest book earlier this year and I loved it. Therefore I decided to read another book of Murakami.
And I guess I like it so far. 
But I think the protagonist, Toru Watanabe, is very similar to Tsukuru Tazaki. And to be honest this is somewhat annoying because they all think they're "common" and "nothing special". Ugh. 
But apart from that I like it so far. 
Aaaand this is the second book I bought.
I already heard about a long time ago (mainly because Neil Patrick Harris is going to be in the movie haha). Then, last week, I watched the trailer and to be honest, I did not like it.
Hence I decided I have to read the book. Because books are usually better than movies (especially when the movies have Ben Affleck in them lol. JUST KIDDING!!!)
Well, here it is. I bought it online and I am looking forward to read it as soon as possible (right after Norwegian Wood)

Sooo this it already actually. I know it's only three books but I still have tons of unread books in the shelf and they are probably crying now because I'm reading the new ones before them.

What are you currently reading or what did book did you buy last? Would love hearing about it.


PS: Ugh I am really ill at the moment and my throat hurts so badly. I can barely talk. That sucks so so much! I hate having a cold. And I hope it doesn't turn out as a tonsillitis :(((


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