Hello Autumn

Finally it is autumn again! I love autumn! Or fall... or whatever you call it. (We say "Herbst" in Germany)

I can't really choose what my favourite season is, because I love every season. But autumn is sorta special to me.
You get to wear nice clothes and cozy sweaters, the leaves turn yellow and red and you can drink tea all day long (I do this all year round but still haha).
Last year I missed my chance to try Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte but this year I'm definitely going to get some! And I want to try to cook pumpkin soup.
Of course I am also looking forward to buy new make-up items fitting the season (e.g. plum lipstick!) and new clothes.

Also there are a lot of events in autumn which I am excited about!!

The Glamour Shopping Week from Saturday to next Saturday - I'm going to buy new shoes, a scarf and maybe some other things too. I will show you then!

Halloween on 31 Oct. - I love love love Halloween and I am so excited about it every year but then I'm disappointed because in Germany Halloween is boring and no one really celebrates it the way they do in the US /cries.

My Birthday on 22 Nov. - I love having birthday and I love getting presents haha. And since I'm turning I want to celebrate it... but I don't know how yet.

And I will probably visit a friend in France this autumn.

I'm not quite sure how to go on with blogging when I start to work full-time (on 1 Oct.), because besides working full-time I also have cheerleading practice 5 times a week, but I definitely will keep blogging! But I will have plan it better haha.


Edit: OMG I totally forgot about one event!!!
        Lady Gaga's artRAVE: The Artpop Ball on 7 Oct. !!! I am so so excited for this, finally I get to see her live!


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