Let me just give you one piece of advice for a better life:

Don't ever catch a cold!

Seriously. It's the worst.
I'm ill for about a week now and I can't really tell if it's getting better or worse. I have a sore throat, which is actually getting better I guess, but it still hurts a little, and I have a nasty cough.
Today even my lungs or my heart hurt in some way. Ughhhhh.

So this is the bad news. I hope that I will feel better soon.

But there are also good news!!!

As I may have mentioned before, I graduated earlier this year and since then I didn't really do anything until now.
I wanted to go to university but unfortunately my grades weren't good enough (sometimes I hate Germany....). So I applied for a voluntary social year, where you work for a year in a kindergarten, nursing home or something alike.
And: I got a job!!!! 
For the next year I will work at a school! I am really excited and can't wait to start (on monday already!!). Tomorrow I will get to know the principal and I think she will tell me more about the job.

Unfortunately the payment is pretty low because it's voluntary, but for me it's enough for now. I can't wait to buy new make up and clothes and maybe a new phone and just so much stuff!! (I probably won't be able to buy many things but let me dream ok haha)

I am just so excited now!



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