Empty: September/October

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this is the first time I will do the "Empty Tag". I'd be excited... but my empty stuff isn't that exciting to be honest haha.

This time I only collected a few things I used up, I'm sorry. Hopefully there will be more next time! (I want to post about this every month, but of  course this is also depending on what and how many things are empty. We'll see!)

So here we go:

This was my everyday cleansing milk. It does its job and I probably will rebuy it because it's handy for when you travel.
At home I usually use another one, but that was empty, too haha.

I really love this mascara! It's not that expensive (~7 €) and it defines the eyelashes perfectly and gives a lot of volumes to them. It's very probable that I'll rebuy this one, so I can use it as an everyday mascara (so I will use my LancĂ´me one for "special" events).

This is a deep conditioner. It is all natural and when I first used it I was kinda surprised of the consistency because it was white and very creamy. It was the first organic/natural cosmetics product I bought, before I was used to the gel-like cosistency. 
But it is actually a pretty good conditioner and it smells like roses, but I still bought another one for the next time, because I like to try out new things on my hair. (My hair is very complicated and I'm never fully satisfied, so I like to try new things). But the new deep conditioner I bought is also all natural (I want to start using only natural things, at least on my hair and maybe my face.)

I rebought this peeling a few days ago. It is pretty rough as a peeling because it's sea salt but I like that. I have another body peeling which is very soft compared to this one, so I only use it on sensitive areas, whereas I use the sea salt peeling on the other areas (e.g. legs)

This is my daily moisturizer and I obviously rebought this. My beautician recommended this to me, so I stick with it. I use another one for nights, but as soon as it's empty I will use this tea tree moisturizer day and night.

Sooo this is it. No, actually it isn't. I just took a shower and my conditioner is now empty and the creme I use on spots and zits is also empty! Did rebuy both by the way haha.

What did you use up this month (/last month)? Let me know!


Edit: I thought I bought the creme but I actually didn't haha. But I have another zinc ointment so everything's fine! Zinc ointment works so well on zits!


  1. It does its job and I probably will rebuy it because it's handy for when you travel. ... rebuyhandy.blogspot.de


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