Glamour Shopping Week: Haul

Guess what I did this week except from work?
Right! I went shopping! (and I went to Lady Gaga's ARTrave it was so good omg seriously it AMAZING! I love her even more now. And damn, she got one fine ass!!!)

This week was the Glamour Shopping Week! That means that various stores (e.g. H&M, Zara, Forever 21, etc.) give some sort of discount (mostly 20%) or you will get something special when you show them the Shopping Card.
There is only one day left and I still need to buy so many things /cries. I guess I won't be able to buy everything I want/need.

But for now, let me show you what I bought:

Bra by Lascana

finally some Chelsea Boots!!!

Skirt, Top and overknee socks by H&M

Scarf by Pieces 

Blush and Lipstick by Kiko. The lipstick is ffrom the "Ace of Diamond" edition, as you can read.
The blush is a red/brown colour and the lipstick is a light pink/coral colour.

That's it. Maybe I'll go shopping one last time tomorrow but I don't know yet.
This weekend will be pretty boring, everyone is out of "town" (i.e. village) and there is not much I can do here. I'm also getting sick yay.

see you soon


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