The Struggle: Buying a new Bag

Hi guys.

First of all, I want to apologize for not really posting regularly but I started working last Wednesday and since then I've been very busy and I didn't figure out yet how to do both, blogging and working. (I'm exhausted after work and there is always something to do after work. So again, sorry!)

Did you ever want to buy anything new but you everything you saw did not quite match with what you got in mind? Welcome to my life!

I need a new bag (i.e. I want to have a new one haha) but there's something wrong with every bag I see. 
I want something like a tote bag, but I also want a new shoulder bag ...

Because I can't show you what exactly I want, I wanted to show you the bags I own (and the bags my mother owns that I use).

these are "my" three shoulder bags. (Actually the black one is the only that is truly mine haha. but the only purpose I use this for is when I go clubbing.)
I sometimes use the brown one because there is much storage space in there, the Gucci bag is pretty small but also does its job when I go out (and my purse fits perfectly in it)

This is the biggest bag I own. I use this when I have to carry a lot of stuff (obviously)

I love the design of this one but opening it is very difficult when you're in a hurry so I use it rarely

This is my everyday bag... I  bought in Japan in Shibuya 109, but it is now two years old and I really want to have a new everyday bag. I love this one, but it's definitely time.

Do you have any recommendations for a bag I should own? (Except the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag /criesinacorner)



  1. those bags are so gorgeous! perfect bags to pair it with any outfit


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