Struggle: What To Wear

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hope you're all doing great!

For today's topic I have to explain two things:

  1. There is a "Christmas party" in my old school every year, hosted by the year that graduates next, and everyone who wants to come can do so. You get food and drinks and meet old friends, teachers, etc. 
  2. You have to wear formal clothes

You might guess that I'm totally looking forward going there. Yes, indeed I am. 
But I have no idea what I should wear.

Last year, I had the exact same problem. I went to several shops but didn't find a dress and I didn't find anything on the internet either, that was not too expensive.
But luckily, after weeks, I found a pretty on Asos.

That was my outfit last year:

Excuse the bad quality and bad posing haha. And the background. That was in the school's library.

You see, I could wear this dress again this year. But I just don't want to. This event is a rare opportunity to dress up fancy.

I thought about a few things I would like to wear this year. After some thinking and looking through Pinterest, I came up with three ideas.

Sequin Dress

They look so glamorous and I am totally in love with all the glitter. But I can't find a single sequin dress in the stores in town. And also not on the internet.
The only sequin/glitter dresses I can find are 100€+


found on Pinterest

Jumpsuits are gorgeous. And I'm tall, so they will probably suit me. But I am VERY tall and jumpsuits without high heels aren't that gorgeous. So I'm not sure about this one...

Sequin Leggings/Sequin Skirt

found on Pinterest

Well... I probably can't have afford a sequin dress, but a skirt or a leggings! And you can combine them perfectly with a cute top and nice shoes.
This is my favourite alternative at the moment, I'll start looking for skirts and leggings next week. And I also need a top, I think the peplum top looks amazing with the leggings!

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? I'm sorta desperate haha.



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