Blogmas Day 03: What I love most about Winter...

Can you guess it?? Can you? Can you?????

Here's a hint: It's white and soft and wet. And gorgeous. And fun.
If you didn't know what I was talking about before, now you do. (I hope you do haha)

It is......

S N O W !!

The picture has been taken on Christmas Eve two years ago. The last White Christmas I had /cries. My biggest wish for Christmas is always snow.
Of course, after a few weeks of nothing else BUT snow I'm happy when it's starting to melt but all the other times I cry tears of joy when I see snowflakes.
And today there were the first real snowflakes in at least 1,5 (?) years that I've seen!! They melted immediately but still: SNOWFLAKES!
I hope there'll be more snow in the next few days/weeks and that the snow will stay for some time ♥

By the way, I really can't imagine what life is like when you've never seen a single snowflake. Seriously, tell me!! I also wonder how people in e.g. Australia can spend Christmas at 30°C outside. I mean... Christmas in Summer! Whaaaaat??
But they're probably wondering how we spend Christmas during winter, avoiding to go outside because it's freezing cold.
Well, last year it was around 20°C in Germany I think anD IT FUCKING SUCKED! Too damn hot!
Fucking Global Warming! Screwing up my White Christmas!

I hope you love snow just as much as I do ♥
Tell me about the weather during Christmas time where you live! :)


PS: Yeah I know, always complaining about the weather: "too hot" "ugh too cold"... But I'm German. I'm born to complain about things! (I'm also very good at it haha)


  1. I love this idea! And I hope we get some snow too, it's one of the best things about winter! x

  2. oh I really hope it snows in England this year. apparently it did last month, but nowhere near where I live so I'm still waiting! xox


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