Project: Room Makeover

Hello there,

Happy New Year! Hope you all had lots of fun on New Year's Eve. I won't talk about mine. (As I can't remember much and I'm still kinda embarrassed haha).

But let's go on to the actual purpose of this post. I hate my room how it is at the moment (and how it has been for the last 7 or 8 years.) 
The colours of the walls are horrible, at my desk there is no daylight and everything is dusty and dirty and I have so much room for storage but I don't even NEED it.
Let me show you some pictures...

Cupboard 1

Cupboard 2



Books and Bed

Super cute kitty
Kitttyyyyy haha

One of the biggest problems is my desk. There is much stuff on it, I need to throw away so many things (and pens) and clean everything up, the dust is disgusting (but it just comes back each time I try to clean it up /cries)
I just need a better work atmosphere and a clean room, therefore I also need to clean up those cupboards.
My whole wall unit is pissing me off so much. I got it when I was about 10 and it wasn't me who decided to get this, no it was my mother. And now tell me why the hell would I need a fucking wall unit like that? There is 90% garbage in those cupboards. Ugh. (Of course I had to pay it with my own money. And it was fucking expensive!)
This is the first big step to take. Get rid of all the things I don't need and clean everything up. (Also in the corner behind my desk. I don't want to know how much dust there is /cries)

Next would be the colour of my room. For a kid/teenager the colours might be alright. But after all those years they just annoy me. No, "annoying" is not even close to it, I hate it. I already wanted to change them a few years back but I really can't do all that on my own (and my family isn't very supportive when it comes to ... well, everything.)
I would love to get rid of the carpet in my room, too, but I don't think that is possible... I'll certainly look for some nice wallpapers though, in the next weeks.
And I want to have a new ceiling lamp, for the (day)lighting in my room is the worst. Maybe I'll also get a new desk lamp.

I guess I'll start now tidying up my desk. But I won't be home from Monday till Friday (therefore the suitcase in the pictures, lol sorry), so it probably won't make a big difference if I start now or next week. But I'll keep you updated and I hope my room will look nice and cute in the end, so that I actually LIKE it then.

Do you have any suggestions or tips for me? I'd love to know!



  1. I think wallpapers are always a quick and easy way to completely freshen up a room. If you're on a budget why not try out shabby chic'ing' some of the furniture you already have?
    Good luck with your room makeover!

    Rachel //


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