January Haul

To be honest, I could've also named this post "I spent way too much money in January for random things"

I already blogged about my room makeover project, so I bought different things for that (and once I was in Ikea, you could barely stop me from buying things I didn't need in particular.)
I don't have pictures of all the things I bought but I can show you some, at least.

I bought various boxes, to store various things. Wool, painting stuff, and pens. I also bought this white pot-thing to store the pens I use the most.
Speaking of pens, I bought new ones too!
I don't know if I really needed them but I wanted to have them, so my blogging planner is pretty (lots of colours, etc. You know and understand what I mean, don't you?)

I can also write in my journal with these. It's gonna look so pretty! (At least I hope it will /cries)

I didn't buy the pens in Ikea of course. But I bought some other things there (things I don't have pictures of, sorry)

Two pillows, seeds to grow basil,coriander, mint and other herbs, a new lamp for my ceiling....
I'm not sure if this is it (probably not lol) but I can't come up with anything else I bought at Ikea.

Well... I also bought new shoes that were on sale. They were love at first sight!

And one shop in my hometown was closing and they had 70% off on everything. So you can guess that I couldn't just walk by haha.

Boyfriend jeans and leather pants! YAY.

I still feel horrible because I spent so much money, but I guess it was all worth it...

Did you get anything special in January?



  1. Nice haul! I've got that white Ikea pot, I keep my makeup brushes in it, so pretty!
    Loves! Kirstie
    Kimamely Beauty

    1. Yes, I love this pot it's so pretty and cute. Might need to buy some more so I can keep other things in them too haha :D

  2. i'd be very pleased with this haul. I need some retail therapy now :)


    1. haha yeah I still want to buy more things. Once I start there's no way to stop me :D


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