My favourite Season

Hello there.

Today I will tell you about my favourite time of the year and my favourite season.
Either you know what I'm talking about, you're thinking it's winter or you're just confused.

So here it is, what I'm talking about:  CARNIVAL 

No, I'm not talking about Rio Carinval, although that's probably your first intention. I'm talking about carnival in Germany. It doesn't take place in all areas of Germany, but it is a tradition where I live. We call it the "fifth season", that's where the post name comes from. Because this time of the year is always my favourite.
Unfortunately it's over since Wednesday. It's always from November 11 till Ash Wednesday, but the "big days" begin thursdays before Ash Wednesday.

It's a little like Halloween, because you dress up/wear costumes of whatever you want to be. You can go to carnival sessions/meetings, which are a programme of sketches and dance groups and at this last weekend, there are a lot parades almost every village and city.
I'm not sure if you can imagine what this is all like but it's really great.

Here is a compilation of my costumes this year (I'm really greedy and I don't want to buy new costumes, so I always improvise a little and then call it "costume" haha)

---- SELFIE ALERT ----

I had a black spot on my nose as a cat nose, but it's already gone here haha
playing the clarinet in parade and wearing the ugliest things ever lol. At least I had some sunglasses

I'm really sad that it's over but also happy because there are a lot of things to look forward to this year!



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