Blogmas: Christmas Wishlist

Last I kinda failed my Blogmas project but I'm really trying to make it this year. Although I'm always stressed out because living on your own and going to uni isn't that easy and I'm still figuring out how to cope haha.

I will start with my Christmas wishlist. And to be honest I've never struggled before to write one. But this year I really have no idea what I really want to have for Christmas. Apparently I kinda lost my materialistic self. I can't believe it myself haha. I already struggled with my birthday wishlist.
So here are just some random things that came to my mind when I thought about my wishes. Non of these are a real priority though.... 

One day I want to own all the MCU movies. So why not start this Christmas to get some. Also books are always great.
And I really want to have a proper camera for such a long time now.
Also my purse isn't the prettiest anymore... So yeah. And this watch is just so pretty!
And most importantly: Justin Bieber's Purpose!!!!!!!!!!!11 I'm so in love with this album (and him lol sorry not sorry). I also would love to have Adele's 25. Sometimes you just want to have your heartbroken I guess haha. Adele is A++++.

I already said these are just some random things I'd like to have but I don't need them to survive haha. (Except JB's and Adele's albums maybe...)

What is on your Christmas wishlist? Is there anything special you laid eyes on? Let me know!

Hope you have nice first December. xx


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