My Year 2015

Hello everybody!

I really wanted to write a post about this year before it is too late and it's already 2016. So here you are reading my review on the year 2015. This is also really a post about gratitude, which I wanted to write for a long time.

I want to begin with saying that I'm so grateful for all the people who stepped in (and also out again) off my life. Even if it has just been a short time you've been there, thank you for walking some part of my way with me.

So many things happened in 2015, so many ups and downs, highs and lows. I've grown so much! (not physically, I'm already tall enough haha)

So let's take a look at my resolutions for this year. Did I keep them?

  • I read one more book than last year, so I basically read more  
  • I made new friends  
  • I didn't post more often on here /cries  
  • I traveled (not far, but it was still great)  
  • I didn't work out much... and I stopped doing cheerleading myself /cries more  
  • I got more self confident!  
  • I loved and forgave (I guess?)  
  • Idk... am I doing what I love? I'm not sure yet to be honest  
I'd say I was pretty successful with my resolutions haha. My new resolutions for next year will be up tomorrow. 
I want to talk a bit more about 2015, about all those things that happened. This is my retrospect on the year:

January: I made new good friends and had good times with my new and also my old friends. Generally good times!
February: I can't really remember anything significant... I also had some good times with friends, but other than that nothing special happened
March: Won a competition with my cheerleading team and qualified for nationals! It was also my first competition as a coach of a junior team.
April: Nothing special happened until the end of April, where I had a huge fight with someone (he was such an asshole to me!!!)
May: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!! Still so hyped about this!!! 
June: Disneyland!!!! :-) and we came in 8th place at the European championship. But this was also the end of my active cheerleading career (at least till now) /ugly sobbing
July: I don't know.... I just sweated a lot during June and July hahaha
August: My voluntary year ended which made me very happy but it's very likely that I also won't see the friends I made during this year again which is kinda sad. I had some good times with friends though during Summer and I also visited Vienna which was amazing!
September: I can't really remember anything special in September...
October: I started Uni and moved out! Yay
November: Uni isn't as much fun as I thought it was... stresssssss!!! haha
December: Still so much stressssss!! Also because of the competition of my junior team, but it was worth it though.

I am so grateful for so many things. I was part of the best team ever, there was just so much love in this team. I'm always about to cry when I think about them. Miss these girls so much!
I'm also grateful for all my friends, new and old. Thanks for just existing! ♥ We spend so many great times together, let this never stop please. 
I'm also so happy that I'm able to live on my own now and that this will make me grow more and I hope to become even more self confident in the next year.

And last but not least thanks to you all for reading this blog (even though I don't update it that often). You are awesome! Don't forget that! :)

xx lots of love!


  1. Congrats on your cheerleading win and great year :D Im sure by this time next year you will be saying the you love uni. Happy New Year


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