Party Outfit?!

Hello my little Christmas elves

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but at the school I went to (and graduated from ~two years ago) there is an annual festive Christmas party. You dress fancy, you eat and drink a lot (A LOT) and you have a great time with all the people you used to hate. Okay no just kidding, with people I actually kinda like and love seeing again! I love reunions! It's also fun to talk with your former teachers.

There is only one problem: What am I going to wear?

It's the same problem for the third year in a row now. I don't just want to look good I want to slay haha. In school I never really cared about my looks, I just cared about my sleep. And this is the perfect opportunity to show everyone that I actually look like a model. More or less lol.

Last year's outfit was great. Leather leggings and a lose burgundy blouse.

So I came up with a few ideas of what to wear but I'm not sure for which I want to go. And I don't want to spend too much money on clothes I'm probably never wearing again.
I'd also love to get new shoes, like some nice high heels. But I'm not confident enough to wear real HIGH heels (I'm about 6'1...)

Here is what I thought of and some inspirational pictures from Pinterest:

1. A-line midi skirt + crop top

2. Sequin!

3. A nice dress

To be honest, I'd love to show you some pretty dresses here but I didn't find one single dress online that I liked. They either weren't in my price range (okay, nothing really is in my price range lol) or they didn't have them in my size.
It's truly depressing. 

I really don't know what to do now. I'll go look for a dress tomorrow or next week again in some shops but they didn't really have anything nice either... 

Do you have any ideas by any chance?



  1. The gold dress is stunning!
    Jabeen x


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