Favourite Trailers of Comic Con 2016

favourite comic con trailers

I know Disney parks claim to be the place "Where Dreams Come True" but we all know that in reality that place is San Diego Comic Con, don't we? Every year I'm sitting in front of my computer at home (about 9,400 km away from San Diego), watching all the amazing trailers and the hilarious panels. Unfortunately this year wasn't different from the years before (me at home, in front of my laptop, crying).

But I am still blown away by all those amazing trailers! I don't know where to start or what I'm most excited about. 

Let's start with DC

The DC trailers were SO awesome. Period. Justice League, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad all looked like they are going to be pretty rad. I was disappointed of Batman v. Superman (the characters and the story were too superficial in my opinion) so I hope they won't screw up the other ones. Wonder Woman looked fucking epic and I've loved Harley Quinn for so long now and I truly think Margot Robbie will totally rock this (woman powerrr!!), Ezra Miller is just perfect and Jason Momoa... Well, look at him! I doubt they could've found a better Aquaman. So my hopes are high; don't screw this up DC!! (Particularly looking at you, Zack Snyder!)

(After watching the Wonder Woman trailer again, I'm pretty sure WB just cast Chris Pine because he is the last Chris left and they wanted to have one, too!)

MARVEL: Netflix

I've been waiting for the Marvel panels and new information for sooo long!!! Finally a proper Luke Cage trailer (I misspelled it as Luke Cafe twice and now I can't stop laughing) and even an Iron Fist trailer! I am soooo ready for this! I loved watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage was already brilliant in Jessica Jones, so I'm super excited. And I'm not even scared that it will not reach up to my expectations because... well, it's Netflix. YAY. And I'm also super excited about the Defenders series. We didn't get a lot of information from the teaser but I guess it's pretty obvious that the Hand is going to play an important role (or am I wrong?). And Stick's voice in the end??? Oh my! Can it be next year already please?


They didn't release too much information about the upcoming movies actually. There was a new and final(?) Doctor Strange trailer which looked really good (it kind of reminded me of Inception). I bet Benedict Cumberbatch will be brilliant as Steven Strange but I have to admit that I'm already kinda disappointed because of the whitewashing of  the Ancient One. I'm still looking forward to the movie though! Steven Strange is such a cool character.
Now, there are three more things which I want to talk about:
First: YAY Brie Larsson! I love it so so much that they cast her! She was so sweet at the Oscars, I loved her right away. She will fucking SLAY as Captain Marvel, I'm sure! Why is 2019 so far away? Boooo! 
Second: YAY Black Panther Cast! I mean, the whole cast is black, the director is black, EVERYONE IS BLACK! And it is NOT about slavery or anything stereotypical! This is so awesome and I really hope this is not the last time a movie like this is produced. Also: everyone involved is super cool!
Third: YAY Gladiator Hulk armour! I've always loved Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk and I think the Planet Hulk storyline sounds very interesting so I'm excited if and how it will be incorporated into Thor: Ragnarok
And finally I just want to mention the new logos of Thor: Ragnarok and GOTG Vol. 2: They look... not so pretty to be honest haha.

That's it?

Not quite yet. There are two more trailers which are very important to me. Can you guess which? Right, Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them and Sherlock! Both were brilliant! I actually didn't know Colin Farrel was in Fantastic Beasts so I was surprised about that. I seriously can't wait to dive right back into the magical world! Especially since Eddie Redmayne is Newt Scamander. I'm just getting back into my Harry Potter fangirl-mood. Yay! Last, but not least: Sherlock! We did our waiting. Again. And I'm totally ready for the new season, because the last one left me off without a single clue how it might go on or what might happen. Is Moriarty really back? Is it someone else? What about a possible third Holmes brother? SO MANY QUESTION! And the trailer didn't answer a single one of them, of course. I need answers, nooooow!!! Also: apparently this season is going to explore more of Sherlock's childhood? Bring it on!

So these are the movies and series, that were presented at Comic Con, which I am most excited about. Can't wait for the rest of this year and the following year(s)! Being a nerdy fangirl never felt as good!

What were your favourite moments/trailers/panels/etc of Comic Con? What are you looking forward to?



  1. I'm so excited for these! Have you watched Suicide Squad since? I know it had it's faults, but I quite enjoyed it. I also love Harley, and I think Margot absolutely SLAYED the role. She was my favourite part! And SHERLOCK. FINALLY. Too many exciting things coming out :D

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

    1. Suicide Squad won't be in cinemas in Germany until this Tuesday, so I haven't seen it yet but I can't wait!
      Yes there are SO many exciting movies coming up! :D


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