My Daily Skin Care Routine

Daily Skin Care Routine

Hello there! This is already my second post in August, yay! (Also more to come hehe)

My skin has been very bad the last few months, my face was always red and blotchy, oily and there were a lot of little breakouts on my nose and forehead. I felt as if I was 13 again; it was very uncomfortable for me. It was probably due to stress and some other factors, I don't know for sure. Since I'm a student and I'm usually broke I couldn't afford to try out several products to see if any of them help, I had to work with what I had at home. That obviously and unfortunately didn't help to improve my skin and I got really desperate. A visit at my beautician didn't encourage me either at first because she was kinda shocked to see how bad my skin got. But she did her best and I immediately saw results afterwards. And at home at my parents' I found some pretty nice products that worked wonders on my skin! It's improved SO MUCH during the last two to three weeks! Finally!

Products I use daily on my face

1. The first step is to use an eye make up remover, this one is from Yves Rocher. This is just a basic and a reminder to remove your make up when you go to sleep. It does a solid job by removing eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara properly and it isn't very pricey. I really like this one and I've been using it since forever.

2. Next I use a face cleanser. This one is a cleansing milk but on days when my skin is extra oily or I wore foundation with high coverageg I prefer a gel cleanser because it's stronger. This cleansing milk is good for sensitive skin though. And my skin was and is very sensitive.

3. After I washed my face and patted it dry I use a toner. And this one is just so perfect!! It's organic rose water, it's smells amazing and is just so good for your skin! Rose water is said to improve acne and it definitely did in my case. My face is also less oily than before, it' softer and more matte. 

4. I think the rose water helps a lot but so does this one. Rosehip oil! It's something my sister bought somewhere (in the internet I guess?) and I didn't know what it was and how to use it at first. So I did some research and I read that rosehip oil is actually very good for treating acne scars and scars in general, blemishes, redness and premature skin ageing. Of course I gave it a try and started using it every day in the morning and the evening. Well, since my skin improved in general I can't really say if it was due to the rose water or the rosehip oil, but let's just say they both helped a lot, especially in this combination!

5. Last but not least I use a cream. This one is an anti redness cream. Unfortunately I got my mother's couperosis: my nose is always red and cheeks are starting to turn slightly red, too. Therefore I'm glad about all the anti redness products. I can't really tell if this has improved the redness, probably not, but I have to use some cream, so why not use one that at least promises to help? I also have some other creams that I use that were recommended to me, sometimes I use this one, sometimes another one (also anti redness). It's just important not to skip this step!
favourite make up remover
skin cleansing milk
face toner rose water
Rosehip oil anti-redness treatment
Anti-Redness Moisturizing Cream for sensitive skin

So yeah, this is my skin care routine and it works pretty well for me. Unfortunately the rosehip oil is my sister's and I can't just steal it haha. I either have to ask her if she needs it or I have to buy some myself.
I hope this could help if you're also suffering from similar things than I do.

Is there anything else you'd recommend to me? What are you usually using?


  1. That anti-redness cream sounds amazing! I have the same problem, and it's so frustrating. My skin is pretty clear, but I have to wear foundation just to cover the redness. I have an all-natural skin care routine, so I use olive or coconut oil to remove my makeup; raw honey to cleanse my skin; and I rub olive oil into my skin before I got to bed as a moisturiser. My skin's never looked better!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium


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