What does "Happiness" mean to you?

Yesterday I went to to the cinema to watch the Sneak Preview (you pay 4,50€ for a ticket and it will be a random movie that isn't released yet, but you don't know which one) with friends and it was awesome!

I read about this movie some while ago and only remembered that it sounded pretty good.
And damn, let me tell you, it is!!!!

“Once upon a time there was a young psychiatrist called Hector who was not very satisfied with himself. . . . ”  

How do you define happiness? What makes you happy? What does "happiness" mean to you?
These are existential questions. And I bet everyone has asked themselves one of these questions at least once. And Hector is wondering about it too. So he decides to travel the world to find out more about happiness.

The story is brilliant and fits perfectly to me at the moment because these are the exact questions I've been asking myself lately. And what better way is there to explore something than to travel.
There are so many different types of people on this planet and there just as many types of happiness, or even more. It is so interesting to learn about it, especially when you get a good story and, in my opinion, excellent acting.
I'm a big fan of Simon Pegg. After this movie even more. It is a somewhat serious role he took but he still makes Hector so adorable and funny, and most importantly you feel like you can relate to Hector. Even if you're not a psychiatrist haha. Of course, there's also Rosamund Pike (and also so many other amazing actors like Jean Reno or Christopher Plummer.) who is gorgeous and she gives Clara, Hector's girlfriend, just enough of humour to make her likeable but also just enough distance, so the viewer doesn't know what she's up to.

Hector and the Search for Happiness not only makes you laugh but it can also make you cry. I love it when movies do that, when you cry because the scene maybe is sad but also because you can relate or you just feel so much at the same time that you just start crying. And I guess I cried because this movie was marvellous.
In addition it gave you something to think about. Your own happiness. And I love when people have to think. Thinking is awesome. I don't need to know about what other people are thinking after a movie like that but it makes me happy to know that they do it. It is amazing that something so "ordinary" like a movie, you usually watch for entertainment, makes you all philosophical and gives you a seed. Just a seed. It is your own decision what you make of this seed, if you water it and make it grow or if you just throw it away. That's what makes a movie significant.
Though there was one scene that was exaggerated, to be honest; it was too much of everything.

My rating for Hector and the Search of Happiness is 9/10

Go watch it as soon as it's out! It's absolutely worth it!



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