Christmas Traditions

Hello and welcome to my second post of this year's Blogmas!

I actually intended to post this yesterday but I got ill last week and I wasn't able to prepare anything over the weekend! Boo! I hope I'll be able to keep up anyway.

Today, I want to introduce some of my/my families Christmas traditions and things we do every year during Christmas time. Some of them might be German traditions, some of them are just things my family does. But all of them make Christmas time a little more fun for me and my family an we're all looking forward to it every year. 

Christmas Movies

Well, I guess it's pretty obvious that I absolutely love Christmas movies but my parents actually don't. At least not the cheesy lovey-dovey ones. So it's always some kind of a fight about what we're watching or what we're not watching. But there are two films that we watch every year and it's not really Christmas when we haven't watched these. One of them is Little Lord Fauntleroy (1980). I think it's kind of a Christmas classic in Germany and it's probably hyped a lot more than in the UK haha. So, it's a must for us to watch it! The other one is Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel (Three Nuts/Wishes for Cinderella) and this is such a beautiful film. It's a fairy-tale and I just love it so much. It is quite old already but the music, the setting, everything is just perfect. If you've never seen it before, I strongly recommend watching it! (At least if you like fairy-tales)

Christmas Tree

A lot of people put up their Christmas trees early in December so they can look at its beauty all December long and get into the right mood. We don't do that. We don't put up our tree until the 23rd, sometimes not even until the 24th haha. This is pretty random but I have to admit that I'm proper jealous of all the people that can celebrate their Christmas spirit all through December because of their beautiful tree. We haven't even bought a tree yet haha. Can't wait to get one though! 

Christmas Eve

This one is also kinda random, but here in Germany it's tradition to celebrate and to open the presents on Christmas Eve. There's usually a great dinner (loooots of good food) and then we're on to opening presents. Yay! Writing about it makes me want to have that dinner now /cries. Afterwards we usually watch a movie together.

(Winter) Sports

I said I'm also talking about traditions during Christmas time not only on Christmas Eve/Day. And this is definitely one of them. Me and my family, we love to watch sports, especially winter sports like Biathlon or Ski Jumping. But we also watch the World Darts Championship every year. I don't know why and how but it became a tradition in my family and we watch it every evening when it's on haha. Next week it finally starts! Yaaay! 

What are your or your familie's traditions? Let me know! 



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