Blogmas Introduction: Six Reasons I love Christmas Time

Blogmas Christmas time

Hello and Welcome to Blogmas!

I've tried to take part in this for the last two years and failed but I want to try again this year anyway! So here I am with my first post!
I am not going to post every day because that would be an impossible for me to achieve. Instead I'll try to write three posts a week which are all concerned with various Christmas-y topics. Yay!

I absolutely love Christmas time and I am so happy December is finally here! (Well, not really "finally" more like wtf how is it already December???) And thus, today I will tell you why I love it that much.

  • It's SO pretty outside! There are beautiful lights everywhere, sometimes there's even snow and generally everything looks cuter around Christmas. 

  • It's the time of hot beverages! I mean, I drink cocoa, coffee and tea all year but it feels kinda special in December and no one thinks you're ill or a weirdo when you bring a hot beverage somewhere

  • It's also kinda the time of crafting, baking and DIYs. Self-made decoration is so cool and fun to make and think of all the cute knit and crochet things you can make and wear when it's cold! And the cookies you can eat after baking them!!! This time of the year really boosts my creativity.

  • Christmas movies and songs! I'm literally waiting all year long till it's socially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies haha

  • I hate the cold but I also like the cold. I mean, I could never imagine to be e.g. in Australia at Christmas and it's like 40°C outside. That just doesn't fit into my worldview. And when it's cold but the weather is still nice (sunny, etc.) the cold isn't even that bad. 

  • Christmas time is the time of love and family. The time of giving. I really love this thought, even though I'm not a big 'family person'. It's just nice to know that people are spreading love and joy.

Do you love Christmas time as much as I do? I'd love to know why!



  1. I'm so happy it's December, I absolutely love this time of year, although it's freezing it's absolutely gorgeous outside.


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