New Year's Resolutions 2016

Next year I want to...

finish my Goodreads Reading Challenge

study for uni and be a good student

do some sports and work out regularly so I actually get fit

live healthily (eat good food, drink enough water, etc.)

be humbler, kinder and less envious

travel as much as possible

be more active in the blogging community (plan and write more posts, write more comments, etc.)

make new friends, stay in contact with old friends, write or call them, show them that I care about them and our friendship

actually help people (e.g. refugees)

be creative!! I want to write, draw, paint, etc etc. Just do some shit!

I hope you have a nice day/night with lots of food and drinks, with your good friends or wherever you are. I just hope you have a good start into 2016!
See you next year !



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