Hello everyone,

at the moment it's raining and it's seems colder than it was around Christmas time, so it doesn't really feel like Summer. But I still have hope that, for the rest of Summer, it'll get somewhat warmer again with lots of sunshine, and long, nice days. Therefore, just like 2014 and 2015, I made a summer mixtape/playlist, consisting of songs that sound summery in my opinion. I tried to take songs of different genres so that it is not too one-sided. My absolute favourite at the moment is probably Cold Water! I have to admit that I kinda love Justin Bieber haha.

Best songs of Summer 2016

I hope you like the songs and the playlist! What are your favourite songs at the moment?



  1. Ahh I'm so obsessed with the Lumineers new album-I love cleopatra but I think Ophelia might be my fave


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