10 Theories on the HTGAWM Season 3 Finale *SPOILER ALERT*

Theories on the HTGAWM Season 3 finale

This post contains *SPOILERS* of HTGAWM Season 3

Today the final two episodes of How To Get Away With Murder season 3 will air and I am already super excited! To be honest, this season isn't as thrilling as the previous two but it is still very good. Throughout the first half of season three I had a lively discussion about who was under the sheet and when it finally was revealed I really couldn't believe it. I mean, my friend totally expected this and he was happy that it was Wes because he hates him but I was just like "Okay, how can this be? Is this for real???" 
The second half of season three was about finding out who killed Wes and about how the police and the DA wants to take down Annalise. After watching last week's episode I still don't have any clue on who it could be. But I came up with several theories on who is responsible for this whole mess the Keating five (four...) and Annalise are in. To be honest, coming up with theories is even more fun than actually finding out about the truth haha. 
Here are my theories (at least some of them, I come up with more and more new ones the closer we get to the season final)

  1. Wes isn't actually dead. I mean, he can't be, right? They can't just kill off the main character (even though a lot of people didn't like him).... Maybe it was his long lost twin brother or they somehow staged this whole thing....??? I'm kinda desperate haha

  2. It was Laurel. I mean, she doesn't really have a reason to kill Wes that we know of, but it would be a great plot twist...

  3. In the last episode Connor's behaviour was pretty suspicious, he didn't like Wes and nor does he like Annalise. But on the other hand, Connor isn't really the type to become a killer, he is too fragile... And disliking someone is no real reason to kill them, is it? We also saw him performing CPR on Wes, why would he do that if he was the killer?

  4. It could've been some sort of accident, like Connor accidentally killing Wes or something. But that doesn't fit into HTGAWM in my opinion... I mean, that would be a pretty boring plot twist. It has to be more than that, right?

  5. I think Frank and Annalise are pretty much innocent. At least of Wes' murder/death. But maybe one of them plotted something to blow up the house to cover something up.

  6. We also know that Bonnie can be a pretty ruthless killer. Maybe it was her as she tried to save Annalise from Wes telling everything to the police?

  7. A question I keep asking myself is why was there an explosion? I mean, are the explosion and Wes' death connected? Or are they two separate things that just happened to happen at the same place?

  8. Why were so many people at Annalise's house before or during the explosion? Why did Annalise ask Connor to stop by? Why was Laurel there? What about Wes? And Nate? WHAT WAS THIS ALL ABOUT?!

  9. How are the Mahoneys involved? They were mentioned quite often but only shown once or twice in season three, but they are a very powerful and influential family. Apparently, they also found out about Wes being the son of Wallace Mahoney. They have to be involved somehow, right?

  10. I just thought about this writing about the Mahoneys but they didn't say anything about the killer of Wallace Mahoney yet, did they? Everyone suspected Frank but he never confessed, did he? Maybe I just forgot but I'm pretty sure that's also a mystery that has to be solved yet. They tried framing his son but weren't able to properly investigate the real murderer....
Well, as you can see I have some theories but also a whole lot of questions I'm asking myself. I can't wait to find out about all this later, but I'm also kind of excited and nervous that the whole solving won't live up to my expectations haha. 
Did you come up with any other theories? What do you think? Ughhhh I just need to know right now!!!



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