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8 Autumn Activities to Do in October

October is here! And we all know what that means, right? Cozy blankets, hot beverages and beautiful colours everywhere! It also means that there are many posts on different blogs about this season, because we all just love autumn so much haha. Well, yes, here is another one of these posts. (It IS the perfect season though! And my birthday is also in autumn, which makes it even better!)
This year, autumn is a little different for me actually. I am not at home in Germany, where it's getting pretty cold and grey now and where the leaves are falling off the trees. I am in Spain, in Valencia and temperatures are still around 25°C every day and everything is still very green. And palm trees don't lose their leaves, anyway, do they? I'm definitely not used to it being still so warm and it doesn't really feel like autumn or anything like that at all. I actually hope I can still go to the beach a few more times in October. (The sea is so nice and warm at the moment!!)
But stil…

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