5 Remedies for being Homesick


Before going off to Spain about 1.5 months ago, I've never been this far away from my friends and family. Even though I moved out two years ago, I was always able to visit my family very fast and friends were always close. So far, I'm doing very well here in Valencia, I found friends, my flatmates are great and their dogs are super cute! I'm finally far away from all the things that I kept worrying about (well, to be honest, I still worry about them, but from a different angle than before I guess) and I am pretty much carefree here. I'm also learning to function on my own and be a real grown-up adult. Going abroad was definitely the best choice I could've made, it's such an important experience and I feel that I'm growing as a person thanks to it. I'm becoming more independent. 

But this is only one side of the coin. The other side is that, from time to time, I'm homesick. I terribly miss home sometimesI can't exactly describe what I'm really missing, if it's the people, the places or just generally being around and close to all these things. I think I just miss being able to see my friends if I want to, spontaneously meeting up with them for drink or to go to the cinema. I miss being able to visit my parents, pet my cat there and just talking to everyone about random stuff. I even miss listening to my Mum gossiping about everything and everyone although I always tell her I don't care about other people's businesses hahaha. I never felt like I like the city I'm studying at in Germany *that* much, but now that I'm far away I can't stop thinking about how badly I want to be there and walk around the streets. Okay, I think I'm getting a bit too emotional here... I don't miss these things (and others) all the time, this feeling just sometimes overwhelms me. Maybe I'm also just missing the ideas of these things, but it is still nice to have something to look forward to when going back home. I'm already so excited about going home for Christmas!

Anyways, I thought I'd share with you some remedies that help me cope with being homesick. Maybe they don't work for everyone, but for me they worked quite well so far.

Remedies for when you're homesick:

1. Call someone!

You may be far away, but you're not out of the world! Give whoever you're missing a quick call, catch up to what they're doing, tell them what you're doing. If calling is impossible to whatever circumstances, writing a message is also a good idea. You can send some pictures of your adventures to share them with your loved ones and just chat a little! They'll be happy to hear from you, too!

2. Things that make you feel like home

I did not really know what to call this remedy and I'm not sure if anyone can relate but let me explain: There are certain things that give me that feeling of being "home" even though I'm not at home. It's just things that remind me of this homey feeling. In my case it's for example watching a Harry Potter movie or just generally listening to the song "Harry's Wondrous World" from HP soundtrack. It always feels like you're coming home to Hogwarts and it's such a nice and warm feeling. I also get that with the song "Concerning Hobbits" from the LOTR soundtrack as well as generally watching the movies. Middle Earth is another magical place that in some way feels like home I guess. (But maybe it's also just the Shire, I'm not sure haha) The last thing I can come up with at the moment, that also makes me feel this way is watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. Seriously, who doesn't want to live in Stars Hollow?! It's the cutest little (fictional) village ever. Gilmore Girls has such calming feel-good vibes, I'm always kinda blissful after watching an episode or two (or ten...). 

3. Hot Beverages

I guess this is kinda stereotypical, but it really helps. Have a hot drink like tea, coffee or hot cocoa and you'll immediately feel a little better. I mean, the sadness or homesickness won't vanish because of a hot beverage, but it will still give you some nice comfort! (You can also curl up under a warm blanket to intensify the comfort! :D)

4. Comfort Food

I think hot beverages and comfort food kinda go hand-in-hand and have the same effect of making someone feel comfortable and nice. You can also have comfort food and a hot drink at the same time! Though I wouldn't necessarily drink a hot cocoa and eat pizza and the same time haha. Anyways, the name "comfort food" gives the purpose away: feel comfortable!

5. Workout

You don't have to do a HIIT workout or go for a 1 hour run. Just move. Get your thoughts elsewhere! For example, Yoga works great for me, but you have to know what works best for you! I'm also going to an aerobics class two times a week which is very exhausting. You have to focus on the movement a lot, there is literally no time to think about anything else. I don't like this class too much, to be honest, but it's just personal preference (I prefer team sports!). Going for a work can also have a similar effect. I love walking through the park close to where I live and watch the stray cats who live there. Moving is just great to get your thoughts away from the things that you miss or are sad about.

I hope I could maybe help you, or at least give you some insight into how I cope with being homesick. It's not easy, but it's just a few months and I think it's just one more challenge to overcome and it'll somehow help me grow as a person so I'll know more about it and be prepared next time! Being homesick is probably something everyone has to cope with at some time or another in life...

What are your remedies? Is there anything else you can recommend doing?

xx Connie


  1. These are really good tips! Exercise is always helpful and I love going for walks - when I first moved to London I would spend hours just wandering around and it really helped me get to know the city. I don't get bad homesickness but there are definitely some things I miss about Germany (mostly bakeries haha). And then there are loads of things I miss about London whenever I go back to visit my family. I kinda like that though because it always means I have something to look forward to. Yes to the hot beverages - tea is my solution to everything haha. xx


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