Schönbrunn Palace

When I was a child I always watched a TV show about Empress Elisabeth and her life. It was made for children and therefore not a 1:1 rendition of her real life (e.g. in the series she had blonde hair when in real life her hair was dark haha) but ever since I've watched it I wanted to visit Schönbrunn Palace.
And of course when you visit Vienna this is on top of your To-Do-List!

My aunt told me that when you visit Schönbrunn you basically just walk around the gardens and you can visit the Palm House but there is not much about Elisabeth. So before we went to Schönbrunn, we went to the Hermesvilla first.
This is the house where Elisabeth spent most of her time when she was in Vienna. It is not directly in Vienna but in the forest near Vienna I think. It's very beautiful though unfortunately it is being restored and there is scaffolding all around it. There is also an exhibition in it, so you can see how Elisabeth lived there.
After that we went to Schönbrunn. Finally!
I can't really talk about it a lot, just look at the pictures. But when you go there you should go the Palm House, too.

Hermesvilla and the Hermes statue in front
the view from the entrance of the Hermesvilla
the Palm House
Inside the Palm House. The Lighting was sooo pretty!!

The front of Schönbrunn
and the back of it + some parts of the gardens (the gardens are huuuuuge, there's even a maze)
The Neptune spring and the Gloriette in the back
Looking through the Neptune Spring
The Gloriette

Hope you got an impression of the Palace and the surroundings :) It's so gorgeous there!

There is still one last post about Vienna to follow :) Stay tuned!!



  1. Oh Wow those pictures are stunning!! Since Sissie is my favourite movie ever (I watch it every year during Christmas) I've always wanted to visit the castle too and after seeing these, I know I have to visit sooner than later


  2. your pictures are so pretty! it was almost like i was there with you, so thank you :) also that picture of pretty stairs remind me so much of city of bones movie so i low key squealed lol. have you ever seen it? now i definitely want to go because of that ahah.

    isha @ two sisters bloggin'


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