See You Again, Vienna!

Hello there!

I could try to make some excuses why it took me weeks to post this but there aren't any to be honest. I have plenty of time but I mostly spend it on the couch with Netflix haha (I watched the season 7 of The Big Bang Theory in one day. Ha!)
But finally here it is, the last post about my trip to Vienna.
During the last days we went to the Natural History Museum (I especially liked the Dinosaur/Evolution part! So interesting! And Dinosaurs!!!! ♥), to a Cat Video Festival (Cats!!!!!) which was quite funny, we went shopping (though I didn't buy much), we visited the Mozarthaus and at the last evening we had dinner on the Old Danube.
Everything was so beautiful and interesting. Especially the Mozarthaus. That was one place I really wanted to visit and I wasn't let down. I recommend getting an audio guide; there is A LOT to listen to, it would probably take hours to listen to everything but it's very if you love classical music and Mozart it's definitely worth it.
The Old Danube in the evening / at night is so beautiful! The dinner was very delicious but not enough for me unfortunately. But we had ice cream afterwards so it was alright. And yes, the dinner was ON the river. On some little boat. A great way to end such a great trip!
I hope to go back very soon and visit all the things I haven't seen yet.

The Natural History Museum
View over the city and the mountains 
This is the Mozarthaus! Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos inside :(

The Old Danube

Beautiful sunset!
Walking over the Danube at night

Vienna is definitely one of the best cities in Europe I've seen so far (and the most livable city worldwide 2015 !!). I can't wait to visit again!



  1. vienna is so beautiful! i hope i can visit one day too. lovely pictures by the way! i enjoyed looking at them <333

    isha @ two sisters bloggin'


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