Through the Streets of Vienna

Hello there guys! Or rather "Gruß Gott" or "Servus", how the Austrians say haha.

In the last of August I've been to Vienna. I've been to Austria a couple times but I've always been in the Alps then. I have heard a lot about Vienna obviously, especially since one of my childhood rolemodels, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, lived there. People always told me that it is so beautiful there and now that I've been to Vienna myself, I can tell you yes, it is VERY beautiful indeed.

Earlier this year I asked my aunt if she wanted to travel with me somewhere and she said she would. There were a few options of where to go (London was also one of them) but in the end I decided that I wanted to see Vienna.
My aunt has a good friend there and we could stay at her flat, very close to the city centre and even closer to the Prater.

Our time there consisted mostly of very hot weather (we arrived tuesdays and from wednesday on it was always over 30°C), a lot culture, good food and an awful lot of running walking.

The things I knew about and which I wanted to visit were Schönbrunn and the Kunst Haus / Hunderwasser museum.
I looked through Pinterest and googled a bit but I didn't really find anything about other important tourist attractions, except the Prater maybe. But luckily my aunt lived in Vienna herself for one or two semesters during her study, therefore I had a good guide with me haha.

On the first day we walked through the city centre and she showed me some of the important buildings (they're all so gorgeous!!! The architecture in Vienna is amazing!) and we went to the Albertina, an art museum. There were four exhibitions, about Austrian modern art, drawing and sketching, impressionism and one about interior design during the Habsburg Monarchy.
In the evening after dinner we went to the Prater. We didn't go on any of the rides, just looking at some of them was sufficient haha.

On the second day we visited the Kunst Haus.
When I was in primary school we talked about Friedensreich Hundertwasser in Art and I loved him and his art ever since. So I was so happy to finally see his architecture and the exhibition of his art. I really appreciated this museum! After that we walked to the actual Hundertwasserhouse. It is so impressive! I'd love to live there.

And now finally some impressions of the beautiful city:

In front of St Stephen's Cathedral
The Austrian parliament
The townhall (in front of it was a music/film festival)
city centre / some shopping street
The Kunst Haus
Isn't it gorgeous?
Inside the Kunst Haus
The Hunderwasserhaus. It looks even more impressive in real life!



  1. i've never visited vienna and now seeing your post makes me really wanna go soon! the country looks super beautiful and the architecture ah 😍 i wish you included the food in vienna as well as i would be interested to see them as well (or maybe the food is just similar to our everyday food thats why you didn't bother posting about it lol) anyway, great post!

    Isha @ two sisters bloggin'


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